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The online community for makeup artists, hair-stylist and enthusiasts. A place to learn , grow and feel your best.

Meet Your Mentor 

Emily Rose Haywood

Hi there, for anyone who doesn't know me I am a makeup artist and hairstylist specialising in Red Carpet, Photographic and Bridal makeup. I have developed my style from a love of Red Carpet and vintage glam. 

Within 2 years of becoming a MUA I did my first celebrity makeup and found the career path of my dreams. My new dream is to help woman learn the art of makeup whether you are a MUA new to your business or looking to scale your current business, find your style and ideal career path with my guidance and knowledge I've picked up over the years. Or you are a makeup enthusiast wanting to learn how to do your own makeup and hair or adapt the skills you already have I am here to teach you my unique style and skills I have spent years developing.

If this sounds like something you would love to be a part of then click the button below to start the journey to your dream career. I can't wait to have you onboard. 

You shouldn’t have to chase your ambitions on your own.


You have massive goals for your life, but if you’re like most ambitious women, you probably have this one problem, too.
You don't know what you need to do to actually reach those goals and build a life you’re in love with. 
I’ve been there, too and I totally get it. If you...

   -  Want to start a career in makeup but don't know where to start

   -  Can’t find any practical advice on how to actually build your dream life

   -  Feel overwhelmed by all the different styles of makeup and new trends 

   - Feel that you're starting too late or too early

  - Are looking for real time masterclasses and top tips from a proffesional working makeup artist and hair-stylist

I'm here to give you clear practical advice not only teaching you how to apply makeup but also telling you all I've learned on becoming a Makeup artist in the industry and how to use social media to your advantage. Myself as well as some special guest MUA's and models are here to help you.

What's Included??


Quick breakdown 

  • Our exclusive membership programme includes at least 1 new makeup tutorial p/w
  • Access to entire previous library to watch all masterclasses at your own convenience 
  • Hair styling tutorials coming weekly
  • Business advice whether you're at the complete beginning or already in your career
  • Favourite products and recommendations
  • Top Tips and Bonuses 
  • Social media masterclasses  
  • Special discounts on products and services for She Société members 
All things to come...


Online masterclasses are the new way to learn you get all the advantages of a 1-1 lesson without having to leave your home and costing not even a fraction of the price. With our masterclasses you are watching the makeup application and hair tutorials in complete real time which means no steps are skipped and no mistakes are hidden, as its not just about applying makeup that makes the pro but also about correcting mistakes! Sessions are broken down step by step and easy to follow along.
What you can expect from our makeup masterclasses
  • Weekly in-depth masterclasses
  • Differently looks keeping up with trends
  • Different ability levels for beginning intermediate and advanced 
  • Demonstrated on Emily and Models 
  • Celebrity special guests 
  • Hair and makeup tutorials 
  • Favourite products and recommendations
  • Celebrity special guests 
  • Multiple Bridal Masterclasses Including Soft, Glam Sculpted and Bridal Hair
  • BTS content 
  • Fun light hearted and very casual videos, we like to keep it real here!
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The newest feature of our membership programme is the new business page. Emily has put this page together to help anyone starting or already on their journey into the beauty industry. It can be so hard to find just practical and clear advice these days. Here we wanted to give you honest 1-1 conversations like you're talking to a friend. We are not here to hide anything and we truly believe there is more than enough work to go around. Emily's passion in life is helping people in what ever way she can so we won't be holding back on tips and things that have worked for her and others in the industry.
What you can expect from our Business Chats
Here are just a few Business videos that are due to come to the platform:
  • How to get started (from the complete beginning)
  • Social media advice 
  • VA's and Diary apps 
  • How to get into shoots 
  • How Emily got into Celebrity work 
  • Bridal Admin Advice 
  • Kit Advice 
  • What to take with you to jobs (Bridal, Shoots, Location work)
  • Plus much more

Hair Tutorials 

Another new feature to our membership programme is our hair tutorials sections. Wether you're completely new to hair or want to learn more styling techniques our hair tutorials are easy and simple to follow and will be keeping up with the newest trending hair styles as well as some timeless classics. You will receive 1 new hair tutorial a week as well as access to the whole library of previous tutorials.
What you can expect from our Hair Tutorials
Here are just a few Hair Tutorial videos that are due to come to the platform:
  • Curly Blow Dry
  • Textured Waves 
  • Hollywood Waves
  • Volume Pony Tail 
  • Sleek Pony Tail 
  • Bridal Hair Ups
  • Bridesmaids Hair 
  • Top Knots 
  • Half ups
  • Plus Many More
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